Thursday, October 20, 2011

Man oh manischewitz there is a lot going on in the world. Ghaddafi was captured and killed today, the images of his crushed and bloodied face splashed on every second rate blog around the world. Tunisia and Egypt have wrangled freedom from their respective dictators and the heroic people of Yemen and Syria have been fighting for same. Steve Jobs has died. A man in Ohio released 51 captive exotic animals then committed suicide- resulting in the murder of some pretty majestic members of the animal kingdom: bengal tigers, giraffes, monkeys, bears, and lions. And Occupy Wall Street has gained unbelievable steam in the last few weeks- resulting in a 20,000 person march on Times Square this weekend.

And your correspondent? From whence do I emerge after such a long time? And why?

A little update since you last knew me is in order, I suppose. I spent the last 2 years attending Business School, that pantheon to capitalism and self-importance. Did I enjoy it? Well my friends, I traveled (South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa...only Asia missed the cut) and enjoyed two years of sleeping in- but I'm happy to be back amongst the people, in the working world, where my account balance is finally moving in the right direction.

I accepted a job on Wall Street.

I've learned a lot. I've realized how little sleep I am capable of, and felt the small seed of emergent cojones whose growth only a substantial paycheck can offer. I've upped my shoe game. I've rid my homestead of the Ikea coffee table (next up- the chairs and bookshelves I've scavenged over the years from neighbors). I've read a lot. I read 2 newspapers every morning before your momma's had her coffee. I am woman, hear me RAWWR.

But I've always loved to write. So I'm going to lay it down on you from now on. I need an outlet like Kim Kardashian needs a stepping stool to kiss Senor Humphries.

I may touch on some serious topics. I may be frivolous. But I have never been happier to come back to something, and wanted to say hello.

Day 1 of the rest of my life.

Fuck the police.

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PM said...

Girl - welcome back. Your eloquence / sarcasm and general awesomeness were solely missed.

- The Readers